4 Doors

Address: 28 The Link, Mill Park, VIC 3082
Phone: (03) 9404 5022

Mill Park is an area of no-thrills when it comes to dining. So when JMA (my little sister) informed me that a new Italian restaurant had opened nearby, I was thrilled. My family (of four), and JT went to 4 Doors to find out what all the fuss was about…

First Impressions
We were greeted at the door by a grouchy waitress, unimpressed that we did not have a booking. The waitress had no idea where to seat us. There was a ‘discussion’ of sorts with a few other waiters, before they seated us. By the end of our meal there were still plenty of tables around - so we never understood what all the fuss was about.

What we ordered for lunch: bruchetta, chicken focaccia, prawn risotto, 4 Doors pizza with smoked salmon, and linguini carbonara.

Lunch wasn’t spectacular. It was nice, but there seemed to be something missing in each dish. The bread for the bruchetta was really thick, the sauce for the pasta was delicious but the pasta seemed bland, and the tomatoes in general didn’t seem that fresh. My family and JT also thought the 4 Doors pizza was that it was too salty. I argued that it was because the salmon was folded over and the pizza was substantially less salty once the salmon was spread out. I had enjoyed the pizza base and the combination of the toppings.

JT raised a valid point regarding the 4 Doors pizza; a pizza was made up of a tomato and rocket with a choice of smoked salmon or prosciutto. Anything that’s a ‘house specialty’ (as the name 4 Doors suggests), should be set and the option of choice should not be available - to which I agree. The offer of options implies a lack of confidence and 4 Doors isn’t quite quite sure what works.

And then, it was time for dessert. It really surprised me at how much the staff seemed to warm up at the mention of dessert. The 4 Doors staff seemed to hold a strong sense of pride in the sweets and hot chocolates on offer. Ordering dessert was definitely a pleasant experience.

What we ordered for dessert: skinny latte, long black, 3 hot chocolates (classic, bitter, and white chocolate hazelnut), 3 donuts (homemade chocolate, caramel and homemade raspberry) and a chocolate cornetto.

The chocolate cornetto was delicious and there were no complaints about the skinny late or the long black. The stars of dessert though were definitely the hot chocolate and the donuts.

The hot chocolate at 4 Doors is something I haven’t experienced before. One waitress accurately described it as, “like yogo”. All three chocolates ordered were different flavours (classic, bitter, and white chocolate hazelnut) and none of them were overly sweet. The classic seemed a rather plain choice compared to the other two, but it was still delicious.

4 Doors has been opened since May. It’s been less than two months and they already proclaim that their donuts are famous. Is it too early to make that call? That said, their donuts were good. Slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and paired with their homemade jam (if you choose chocolate or raspberry filling). When compared to the famous donuts at Footscray, the ones from Footscray are definitely crispier on the outside and just as fluffy on the inside. However, the donuts offered from 4 Doors are less oily. It depends on personal preference, but I believe that the donuts offered by 4 Doors were definitely of that caliber.

Overall, the service and lunch offering of 4 Doors failed to impress me. Considering the alternative options for dining in the area of Mill Park - 4 Doors ranks high in my books! One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be dropping by 4 Doors again for some dessert and hot chocolate!

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