Pancake Dessert House

Address: Shop 2, The Causeway, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: Lunch & Dinner

JT ordered: Baked Fried Rice with Portugese and White sauce and pork chop. Lychee with Ice.

Wynne ordered: Seafood Char Kway Teow. Iced Honey Lemon.

The experience: “Eat and run” for the Chinese. Don’t visit this place if you’re after some service. Visit this place for decent portion sizes and if you want to be spoilt for choice (100+ items in the menu).

The baked rice is pretty much the only reason JT and I visit Dessert House. We love the flavors from the sauce(s) that get baked into the rice and the pork chop.If you’re after a a quick meal the baked rice┬áis probably not the best. It takes a while for it to bake! I was halfway through my meal by the time JT got his baked rice - and I’m a slow eater. This time the baked rice was disappointing. I don’t think we’ll be revisiting any time soon.

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