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JT and I were after a dessert-to-go after dinner, so we headed towards a much recommended crepe cart.

Address: 32 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Website: http://www.lapetitecreperie.com.au/

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8.00am - 10.00pm
Friday: 8.00am - 11.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 11.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am - 10.00pm

What we ordred

  • Crepe with Salty Caremel sauce
  • Crepe with Maple Syrup

The experience

Creperie le Triskel sure knows how to makes the most out of Winter! They’ve set up a cart near on Swanston Street (near Collins Street) - selling crepes to go.


The crepes were delicious and light. The texture of the crepes were nice and thin - fluffy, and a tiny bit crispy. We were surprised to find that they were not overly sweet. Perfect for as an after dinner dessert or a sweet treat on the way home.

Creperie le Triskel on Urbanspoon

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