I first heard of Wonderbao from CA (yoitabi) - who suggested to a few work collegues that we could visit Wonderbao for breakfast. Since work is a bit of a distance from the CBD, we had to get up fairly early. CA, PA and myself were determined to visit.

Address: Shop 4, 19–37 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne, VIC 
Website: http://www.wonderbaokitchen.com.au/

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 6.00pm

What we ordred

  • Da pork bao - egg, shitake mushrooms & chinese sausage
  • Da chicken bao - egg & shitake mushroom
  • Cheung chay bao - chinese sausage bao
  • Char sui bao - BBQ pork
  • Choi bao - shitake mushroom, tofu & vegies
  • Nai wong bao - egg custard
  • Homemade soya milk

The Experience

Wonderbao was wonderful. The menu was reasonably priced and in all our eagerness we over ordered. We had underestimated the size of a $3.20 bao.

Da chicken bao

The ‘bao’ was delicious and super fluffy. I really appreciated the quality of their fillings and didn’t have to use any condiments at all. My favourites were the Char sui bao and the Nai wong bao. They were so good we decided to get some bao to take back to work and share with those that missed out.

In my books, homemade soya milk with bao is a drink and food pairing that’s hard to beat. It was a cold and windy day in Melbourne so we ordered ours hot. It was so hot that I was unable to drink it until we had finished our meal. The homemade soya milk was nice - not overly sweet, just right.

Every since my first visit, I’ve been thinking about the next. Unfortunately, I work too far from the CBD to drop by for lunch. Hopefully Wonderbao will be opening up for weekends soon.

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