My folks were at Mornington for the weekend, so JT, JMA and I took the opportunity to spoil ourselves with some brunch.

Address: 583 Gilbert Road, Preston, VIC 3072

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: Breakfast & Lunch  

What we ordered 

  • Baked eggs with spinach
  • Roast pumpkin sandwich
  • The Chesh
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Latte
  • Orange Juice 

The Experience

We came at the right time - just right before they started to fill up, so we managed to get snag a table and place our orders in before the place got busy.

Cheshire: interior

We were served our drinks while the kitchen cooked up a storm. It should be noted that the coffee was good, the hot chocolate was pretty and the orange juice was bottled. 

I really enjoyed my roast pumpkin sandwich was full of flavour; toasted bread with pinenut and cottage cheese spread, roast pumpkin and fresh spinach leaves. It’s a combination that always wins in my books.

Initially, I was going to order the baked eggs with spinach leaves, but I changed my order to something else when JMA said she wanted to order the exact same thing. Lucky I did, as it turned out to be a bit disappointing. The flavours were great initially, but it became a bit of a bore for her as she worked her way through the dish.

Cheshire: baked eggs with spinach leaves

Thanks to the hearty combination meat and veg, The Chesh JT ordered was full of flavour; scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, spinach, tomato, and baked beans on toast. It should be noted though that the baked beans were a little bland - they were sweet, but there wasn’t much tomato flavour or salt either. Nevertheless, the quality of the bacon really saved the dish.

On our way out, we bought a star shaped gingerbread cookie. It was an expensive little thing for $1, but that one bite really left me wanting more.

If I happen to be in the area, I definitely wouldn’t mind revisiting Cheshire for brunch. Maybe next time, I’ll try some of their maybe try some pancakes. The gingerbread cookie has left me curious about their sweets.

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