Trunk Diner

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, JT, JMA and I were stuck on where to go for lunch and we just happened to walk past Trunk… Recalling that my work colleagues absolutely loved the burgers at trunk, it was the perfect time for a visit.

Address: 275 Exhibition St,Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 7.30am - 4.00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8.00am - 4.00pm

What we ordered

  • CHILLI CHEESE DOG; Served with ground Wagyu chilli con carne & cheddar cheese
  • THE BURGER; 175gram Fresh Ground Wagyu beef, grilled brioche, baby cos lettuce, thick cut tomato & house-made pickles + cheese + Sautéed mushrooms + Caramelised onions
  • Latte
  • Presha Fruit orange juice
  • Cocobella Coconut water - pink guava

The Experience

I’ve been to Trunk previously for Friday night drinks with work, and I can say; whether night or day, Trunk Diner is a colourful place with it’s trees, umbrellas and decorative lights. We walked and hung around tentatively, as we unsure if we had to wait to be seated. It wasn’t long before someone informed us that we could sit wherever we liked.

Trunk - outdoors

We ordered some drinks first as we were taking our time on making some tough decisions. While I tossed and turned between getting a hot dog or a baguette, JT and JMA were designing their burgers with additional sides. Once our drinks arrived, we were finally ready to order.


The chilli cheese dog I ordered was quite standard and was less chili than expected. The serving of wagu chili con carne and cheese was just right, as the hot dog with all it’s fillings was relatively easy to eat. I had a craving for a hot dog and this one really hit the spot.


The burgers were impressive! The wagyu beef patty was super juicy. The sautéed mushrooms melted in our mouths and the caramelized onions really gave our burgers more character. It’s hard to imagine our burger without the extra sides that we ordered.

A couple of colleagues at work have been major fans of Trunk for a very long time, and I’m very glad that we decided to give this place a go. Just as my colleagues have recommend this place to me, I would also recommend this place to you; Trunk offers one of the top burgers in the Melbourne CBD.

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