Grasshopper’s Feast

A quick breakfast with JT at Grasshopper’s feast before heading off to shop for a present for an engagement party we were attending in the afternoon.

Address: Shop 13, The Causeway, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 8.00am - 4.00pm

What we ordered:

  • Heirloom Mushrooms Omelette with goat cheese & thyme
  • Potato Rosti with cucumber ribbons, smoked salmon, sour cream & chives
  • Freshly squeezed apple juice
  • Latte

The experience

One of my favourite things about visiting Grasshopper’s Feast is fairly elegant and comfortable interior. I love the decor, the wooden benches and cushioned seating area really add to the laid back atmosphere.

Grasshopper's Feast: interior

Oh my, the apple juice! They were not kidding when they said it was freshly squeezed. That quality of the juice reminded me of Preshafruit, which I love.

Potato Rosti

The Potato Rosti I ordered was tasty. The smoked salmon and pickled cucumber offering a great burst of flavour with every bite of crunchy potato.

Heirloom Mushrooms Omelette

Unfortunately, the Heirloom Mushrooms Omelette wasn’t fluffy at all and had the texture of a fried egg. Eating a half fried egg omelette was a weird experience and really let down the rest of the dish and made it hard to taste the mushrooms in the dish. Not really sure what went wrong, but I think the egg wasn’t beaten enough? Feeling a bit scarred. Don’t think we’ll be ordering any omelettes anytime soon.

So what does Grasshopper’s Feast have to offer? Great interior, a relaxing atmosphere, well presented food and awesome freshly squeezed apple juice. My only advice; avoid their omelettes~

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