BrimCC Organic Soup and Japanese cafe

It’s been a while since JT and I had a dose of authentic Japanese, so we decided to venture out to BrimmCC on a Friday night after work.

Address: 601 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 9.00pm

What we ordered:

  • CSS (Colourful Soba Set); Cold organic buckwheat noodle to be dipped in dashi soup. Comes with side dishes and your choice of salad (tofu salad).
  • Fried organic udon noodle with your choice of salad (potato salad); osaka - Japanese Mayo & Okonomiyaki sauce based flavour.

The experience

Located on Little Collins street, not far from Southern Cross (aka Spencer Street) Station, BrimCC was not hard to find - if you’re following the street numbers as it was hidden away by construction when we went to visit.

BrimCC: interior

Due to the seating capacity BrimCC really is more of a takeaway shop than a place to dine-in. Initially I was a little apprehensive, but as we walked in were were hit by a delicious smell of Japanese curry, which made me super eager to order something to eat.

The menu at BrimCC consists of a selection of Japanese favourites - their food is cooked with organic ingredients and their serving sizes seem quite generous.

CSS (Colourful Soba Set): Sides

I had my eyes set on the Colourful Soba Set, which did not disappoint. The cold soba was cooked perfectly and it was accompanied by a generous amount of dashi soup. The side dishes were also tasty - my favourite were the the tomatoes, which were drizzled with some sort of sauce. The tofu salad which came with a self-applied sauce was also surprisingly good.

BrimCC: Fried organic udon noodle

JT ordered the fried organic udon noodle with salad - Osaka style, which had Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki sauce based flavour. This dish was so yummy, the flavour of the egg really wove it’s way into the dish. JT cleaned up his plate and had no complaints at all.

JT was so full from his dish he had barely touched his (very yummy) potato salad. So as we left, I asked for a takeaway containers so that I could take the leftover salad home. The waitress came back with a plastic bag and an armful of assorted containers in varying sizes for me to choose from. I later discovered the plasitc bag also had a napkin and plastic cutlery for later use. It’s not everyday I get to choose the container, let or provided with cutlery for taking food I couldn’t finish back home. It was so sweet of her!

From the thoughtful service, to the handmade posters, BrimCC was bursting with sincerity and enthusiasm. The food was delicious, (relatively) healthy and great value. It’s a place that I look forward to visiting again sometime soon.

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