Jock’s Ice Cream & Sorbets

After an absolutely delicious dinner in sweltering heat, we decided to go to Jock’s for some ice cream.

Address: 83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, VIC 3206

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 12.00pm - 10.00pm

What I ordered:

  • Baked apple ice cream in waffle cone

The experience

Home made with quality ingredients, Jock’s Ice Cream & Sorbets serves some of the best ice cream in Melbourne.

Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbets

The interior at Jock’s is quite quaint with a wall covered in hearts labeled with various flavours available. The place becomes quite cramped, especially when the place is packed with queues. Most people usually eat around the benches outside.

The baked apple ice cream I ordered was actually like having an ice cream version of a baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Smooth and creamy ice-cream with chunks of baked apple with every bite.

Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbets Selection

For those willing to try something new there are always popular flavours such as the Obamarama (peanut butter and jely), or the Hokey Pokey (vanilla, dotted through with sticky honeycomb). There were also a few seasonal flavours such as firecracker ginger, black rice pudding, black sesame, green tea and snake bite chocoate, which were made to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Even when opting for a more traditional flavours, their ice cream and sorbets pack that little bit extra something; that tiny bit more creamier, a little bit fruitier, little extra chunks of flavour - making Jock’s hard to resist.

Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbets take away selection

For those who don’t want to eat their ice cream on the spot in a cup or from a cone, taking some ice cream home in a cooler bag (sold separately) is always an option. Jock’s sell their ice cream in various sized tubs making it possible to take home almost any flavour you’ve fallen for.

There’s something for everyone and with such incredible flavours available, plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

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