Miss Jackson

Nothing beats starting off the day with a bit of brunch! Deciding to take a step out of CBD, JT and I went to brunch at Miss Jackson.

Address: 2/19 Grey Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182
Website: http://www.missjackson.com.au/

Opening Hours

Tuesday -Sunday: 7.00am - 4.00pm

What we ordered:

  • Gingerbread; with fresh figs, burnt honey and vanilla whipped ricotta
  • Corn fritters; with bacon, avocado and roasted vine tomatoes and house made chili jam.

The experience

We entered a bustling cafe scene; the coffee grinders was busy, people were in line at the counter and most of the tables were already full. We were swiftly seated and handed menus.

Miss Jackson - business card

Since we were still deciding on the menu, we placed an order for something to drink first; a soy-latte and a orange juice. The orange juice, was freshly squeezed - the balance between pulp and juice was perfect!

Miss Jackson - corn fritters

I really enjoyed the corn fritters. Since JT had ordered something sweet I had offered to share my fritters- it wasn’t long before I was wishing I had the corn fritters all to myself. The bacon was super crispy with crunch! Anyone expecting a spicy punch from the chili jam will be disappointed - it was not chili at all! Nevertheless, it was still very tasty and full of flavours from the red capsicum. The chili jam really merged everything together creating a wonderful combination of corn fritter, bacon, avocado and the extra side of poached egg I ordered.

Miss Jackson - gingerbread

JT had ordered the gingerbread, which seemed more like a dessert item than something for brunch. We’re huge fans of gingerbread so we couldn’t resist. The ‘gingerbread’ was more like a cake - was quite yummy. It was super fluffy and a tad on the dry side. It would fall apart at the poke of my fork, but using the creamy ricotta and honey to glue everything back together worked out fine. The figs also helped break down the overpowering sweetness of the burnt honey.

Our brunch experience at Miss Jackson has left a favourable impression - hopefully, JT and I can come back to explore their lunch menu sometime soon.

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