Lunch at Shoya with friends to celebrate KT’s birthday.

Address: 25 Market Lane, Melbourne. Victoria, Australia, 3000.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 noon – 2:30pm

Sunday – Thursday: 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Friday – Saturday: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

What I ordered:

  • SHOYA Set; Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Tempura, Mini Udon, Chilled Bean Curd, Savory Egg Custard, Dessert

The experience

Shoya is located in Market Lane, off Little Bourke Street (Chinatown) and across from across form Hofbrauhaus and Hutong Dumpling Bar.

Shoya: Business card

The interior of Shoya is a blend of traditional and contemporary design. We were seated at a long table upstairs across from the sushi bar. The seating seemed a little awkward (as one of our friends was sitting between a pillar and the table), the rest of the tables on the floor didn’t seem to have much of an issue and the tables were actually quite spacious.

KT had made a booking and so we had we placed our orders in prior arrival even though it wasn’t required. For a group of ten, we were able to place individual orders from the Lunch Set or the Shoya Special Lunch Set. I was after something light so I chose the SHOYA set from the Lunch Set menu.

Shoya: Calpico cocktail

We took our time deciding what to order from their extensive wine and sake list. A few of us decided to try some of their cocktails. I had ordered a Calpico cocktail which tasted like a grape flavoured Sunnyboy, a delicious childhood treat infused with a bit of vodka~

Shoya: Chilled bean curd

Everyone started with a chawanmushi (savoury egg custard). It was outstanding; silky smooth, perfectly infused with a bit of dashi, with chunks of shitake mushroom and a bit of seafood. Along with my chawanmushi, I was also served a chilled bean curd which deliciously light and silky smooth. The flawless appetisers, really setting the bar high for what was to follow.

Shoya: Mini udon

I’m happy to report that the rest of the SHOYA Set did not disappoint. The sashimi was fresh and cut to perfect bite sized portions. The tempura was fried well and wasn’t overly oily. We were given pickled fish and vegetables, which helped cleanse our palettes before the mains arrived. The grilled fish was actually warm and was cooked perfectly (wasn’t dry at all). I had grown accustomed to having it cold during my trip to Japan, but I must say I prefer my grilled fish warm. The mini udon was simple, which allowed the flavours of the broth to really shine through.

The quality of the service was great. Our water was constantly topped up and the service was smooth. We had quite a lot of people on our table with different sets ordered and our meal still flowed seamlessly. We weren’t ever left sitting around waiting for someone else’s course to finish.

Our visit to Shoya left a great impression. Anyone looking to visit Shoya will be in for a treat.

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