Heart of Europe Restaurant and Bar

A farewell dinner for the front-end development team at DTDigital. Fond farewells to Petr our team lead and BJ Honda guru.

Address: 11 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Website: http://www.heartofeurope.net.au/

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday Dinner: 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Sunday Lunch: 12.00pm-3.00pm
Sunday Dinner: 5.00pm - 10.00pm

What I ordered:

  • Kransky Sausages: Kransky sausages served with homemade potato wedges and sauerkraut

The experience

Around November last year the front-end development team at DTDigital ┬áhad a team dinner at Kolibia, a small Czech and Slovak Restaurant located on Johnston street. Since then, Koliba has extended it’s range of dishes and beers to other parts of Europe. To reflect those changes, the restaurant was renamed to ‘Heart of Europe Restaurant and Bar’.

Visually, nothing else about the restaurant has changed - it’s still pretty much the same place, same wooden interior, furnishings, and seating arrangements. The place is quite small so it was no surprise that our team was seated at the same spot as our last visit.

Heart of Europe: Meat Platter 'PRAGUE'

On our previous visit, a few work colleagues ordered the Meat Platter “PRAGUE” which looked amazing. The dumplings with sauerkraut I had ordered was really good, but compared to the allure of a meat laden platter… Yes, I had a major case food envy.

Since the Heart of Europe has shifted it’s focus from Czech and Slovak cuisine to a more European approach there has been notable changes on the menu. The favourites still remain (rest assured that the Meat Platter “PRAGUE” survived the menu overhaul), but a few traditional dishes were taken away, making room for other European culinary dishes and catering for dietary requirements.

As with our last visit, the boss picked out a few starters to share, whilst the rest of the team decided on what to order for our mains.

Heart of Europe: Kransky Sausages'

So, what did we order this time? A few colleagues had decided to revisit the Meat Platter “PRAGUE”, but as much as I would like to follow suit, I couldn’t possibly handle that quantity of meat. I opted for the kransky sausages instead, which was served previously as part of the meat platter and seemed quite promising. The kransky sausages were certainly a good choice, and it certainly lived up to expectations. The kransky sausages on their own were a winner already, but paired with some sauerkraut it was an amazing combination of salty, sweet and sour all at the same time. The home made wedges were also nice, but I didn’t have many since I was stuffed full of kransky and sauerkraut. The rest of the team ordered broadly from the menu and everyone only had good things to say about their meal.

Heart of Europe: Shots'

Learning from past experience, we remembered that the service at the Heart of Europe was a bit slow at times. This time a few of the guys decided to take a pre-emptive approach and ordered drinks well advance before they were finished to get the next one in time. Even though the service was slow, it was always very thoughtful and they did their best to be as attentive as possible. The staff was also kind enough to take a group photo for us as we took a round of shots.

The ‘Heart of Europe’ is a lovely little Collingwood gem; with heartfelt service and great food. Gather your meat-eating friends to tackle the Meat Platter “PRAGUE”!

With two of my fellow colleagues leaving DTDigital, our visit to Heart of Europe was bittersweet. I’m definitely sad to see them go, and I wish them all the very best in all their future endeavours. The web development world is not that big and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again! It’s been a pleasure working and learning alongside such amazing people. *raises invisible glass* Cheers!

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